O Spirit of Wisdom, grant Your blessing to the Guidance Counselors and Social Workers who work with our students. Give them hearts full of compassion as they listen to the concerns of our students. Give them wisdom to provide appropriate and useful counsel as they work to improve the lives of our students. Above all, as they empathize with the students they care for, sustain and strengthen them in their own lives that they do not become overwhelmed by the service they provide; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Heavenly Father, bless our industrial and vocational tech students. As they learn life skills and develop their abilities through actual hands-on experiences, protect them from accident and injury. Grant that these experiences provide them with a solid foundation for entering the workforce and being productive throughout their lives; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Heavenly Father, as the superintendent and principals of our schools have the responsibility to oversee all aspects of the education of our students, grant them all the gifts necessary for the administration of their duties that our schools may be an environment where quality education takes place; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Heavenly Father, grant Your blessing upon our students who are challenged with developmental difficulties. Provide them with caring aides and teachers that look past the disability and see a student eager to learn. Give them opportunities to shine by using the unique gifts and talents they possess; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ, as once You shared in our human toil and thus hallowed the work of our hands, bless our students in their education that they may be equipped to enter the workforce and be a blessing to the industries and service sectors of this land.  We give thanks for the labor of our teachers and the service they provide to our students.  Grant them just reward for their work that they may find joy in the success of their students; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Lord God, our Father, You kept Abraham and Sarah in safety throughout the days of their pilgrimage, You led the children of Israel through the midst of the sea, and by a star You led the Wise Men to the infant Jesus. Protect all who travel to and from our schools, especially those with little driving experience.  During this Labor Day Weekend, keep all drivers alert and focused on the task of driving. Make their ways safe and their homecomings joyful; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

(adapted from Lutheran Service Book - Prayer for Before Travel)

O Lord, thank You for the administrative/secretarial staffs of our schools. Grant them peaceful minds and spirits as they deal with the multiple tasks they are assigned each day. Bless the work they do which provides for the efficient operation of our schools; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

O Almighty God, You create each new day. As our students and teachers face the challenges of each day, grant them blessings which remind them of Your love and care for them; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.