"No Shave November" Youth Group Fundraiser competition in full swing

The competition has begun ... The voting began last Sunday.

What competition? The No Shave November Youth Group Fundraiser Competition.

Youth Group Leader Ryan Wagler, Elder David Gray, Church Member Nick Tierney, and Pastor K.C. Dehning have agreed not to shave during No Shave November. Each Sunday you are able to vote on who has the best ... (whatever you perceive to be best).

Voting takes place by contributing money to the jar with each person’s name. There are many ways you can vote ... positively or negatively. Contributions of Quarters, Dollar bills, Five Dollar bills, and higher are positive numbers. Contributions of dimes, nickels, and pennies are negative numbers. You may contribute Quarters and up to increase vote tally. You can contribute dimes, nickels, and pennies to subtract from the vote tallies.

The winner gets to put a pie into the face of the loser. You also get to vote on the type of pie: pumpkin, chocolate, or whipped cream. All money contributed to those jars are totaled for the pie to be used.

Chicago style voting begins on Sunday (vote early and vote often)!